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Chi-Square Test

The Chi-Square Test shows whether two categorical variables are independent of each other.

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One-Sample T-Test

The One-Sample T-Test shows whether the mean of a sample is different from a chosen value.

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Independent T-Test

The Independent-Samples T-Test shows whether two independent samples have different means.

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Paired T-Test

The Paired-Samples T-Test shows whether the means of two variables of the same sample are different.

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The One-Way ANOVA shows whether three or more independent samples differ in means on a continuous variable.

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Correlation Analysis

The Correlation Analysis shows whether two continuous variables have a linear relationship with each other.

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Regression Analysis

The Linear Regression Analysis models the relationship between a continuous dependent and one or more independent variables.

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Logistic Regression

The Logistic Regression Analysis models the relationship between a categorical dependent and one or more independent variables.

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Two-Way ANOVA + Interaction

The Two-Way ANOVA shows the effects of two categorical independent variables and their interaction on a dependent variable.

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Repeated Measures ANOVA

The Repeated Measures ANOVA shows whether the means of three or more variables of the same sample are different.

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Reliability Analysis: Cronbach’s Alpha

The Reliability Analysis shows whether several questions that belong to the same construct can be taken together to form one reliable scale.

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Wilcoxon Signed-Rank Test

The non-parametric Wilcoxon Signed-Rank Test shows whether the mean ranks of two variables of the same sample are different.

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Mann-Whitney U Test

The non-parametric Mann-Whitney U Test shows whether two independent samples differ in mean ranks.

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Kruskal-Wallis H Test

The non-parametric Kruskal-Wallis H Test shows whether three or more independent samples differ in mean ranks.

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McNemar Test

The non-parametric McNemar Test shows whether two repeated binary variables differ in proportions.

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Cochran’s Q Test

The non-parametric Cochran's Q Test shows whether three or more repeated binary variables differ in proportions.

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“I need help filling out the form for my Test”

We try to make the process of specifying tests as easy as possible. If you still get stuck, please use the contact form or send us an email. Our team is happy to answer any question you have.

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Contact us as soon as possible. All adaptations after you filled in the form are without extra costs, as long as you haven’t received your results from us yet.

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Send an email to and include your dataset there. We will check whether it is compatible. SPSS is able to import many other data formats such as .csv .xls .dta etc.

“How long does it take to get my results?

Our team gets notified as soon as you place an order. All analysis orders completed between 9am and 9pm (GMT + 1hr) will be performed and emailed to you within 3 hours. Orders completed outside these hours will be handled before 12pm/ noon (GMT + 1hr).

“My SPSS dataset does not have numerical variables and values”

If your variables are in text/ string format, you can use the comment box within each Test to notice us. We will use one of the recoding functions in SPSS to convert them into numeric variables. No extra costs will be included.

“My dataset needs variables to be computed or recoded first”

Contact us to discuss your needs. Variables or scales can be computed in many ways. Analyses for scale constructions may or may not include Factor analysis and Cronbach’s alpha reliability analysis.

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Contact us for a personalized analysis plan. We can do any type of analysis on your data and send you the results and interpretations. If preferred, we can even do the analyses together with you via the share screen function in Skype.

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All results are emailed both in academic APA format and in common English to help you understand the results even better. Except for Dutch, no other languages than English are supported at the moment. Team

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Fabian Tania – Msc Marketing Analytics

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Jos den Edel – Msc Organization Studies

Web Developer & Analyst

Expert in web design and data analysis. Can decompose complex problems and explain them in easy words to students and business professionals who still find data analysis and statistics challenging.

Anouk Staal – Msc Business Development

Anouk Staal – Msc Business Development

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Passionate about helping others. What drives people and what are their needs? Her highly empathic coaching skills have helped many people to gain confidence and be able to succeed even the most challenging assignments.


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